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Activities Adopted by Principals to Support Teachers' Professional Development in Kisii County, Kenya


This study investigated activities adopted by principals to support teachers’ professional development in Kisii County, Kenya. The theory of adult learning theory (Andragogy) served as the theoretical framework for this study. With an emphasis on merging both cross-sectional and phenomenological research designs, the study used mixed-methods research technique, notably using convergent design. The study's target population included 4,436 teachers, 3,000 form three students, and 340 principals from 340 public secondary schools in Kisii County. The sample size for the study included 300 form three students, 354 teachers, 34 principals from 34 public secondary schools in Kisii County, and 11 Sub-County directors of education. Combining stratified, simple random, systematic random, and purposive sampling, participants were selected. Questionnaires, a detailed interview guide, and a focus group discussion guide were used to gather the data. The study instruments received assessments for face and content validity as well reliability prior to data collection. Using descriptive statistics, such as percentages and frequencies, quantitative data was analyzed. The hypothesis was tested with the help of inferential statistics like the ANOVA and the Spearman rank correlation. Codes and categories were developed for the analysis of qualitative data. The study's main finding is that principals design relevant training programs for teachers, manage the delivery of instruction, and supply training materials. The study concluded that principals, in their efforts to promote teachers’ professional development, use a variety of activities to create and maintain a rewarding learning environment. The study recommends that principals should organize frequent seminars, workshops, and other initiatives for teachers to acquire the necessary professional skills that are essential in enhancing classroom practices.


Teachers Professional Development; Principals role in Teacher Professional Development; Teachers’ training in Kenya


Nyakundi, J.O., Momanyi, M., & Wambiya, P. (2023). Activities Adopted by Principals to Support Teachers' Professional Development in Kisii County, Kenya. Journal of Africana Articles, 4(6), 1-16.